Ghassan Hitto

Co-Founder, Board Member

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CEO and board member of Syrian Forum leads the organization in sustaining, supporting, and rebuilding Syrian lives.

For more than 20 years, Ghassan worked as a business executive in the United States. Until 2011, he served as executive vice president at Inovar Technologies, a telecommunications solutions provider.

In the wake of the Syrian conflict, however, Mr. Hitto decided to dedicate himself to supporting fellow Syrian through humanitarian aid and development. He co-founded and served as vice president of the Coalition for Free Syria and Shaam Relief Foundation.

In 2013, Mr. Hitto joined the Syrian Forum, where he continues to lead comprehensive initiatives focused on critical relief and long-term development in Syria. He also continues to serve as a member of the Syrian American Council’s national board. Ghassan earned bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics from Indiana Purdue University, Indianapolis.

This webinar aims to shed light on the transformative efforts underway to support and empower communities in northern Syria. From educational initiatives to economic empowerment, learn about the impactful work being done with your support, and how you can still contribute to change lives and nurture futures.

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We are thrilled to invite you to an exclusive webinar with our President, Ghassan Hitto, to provide a detailed look into Syrian Forum’s remarkable achievements, ongoing endeavors, and the strategic vision propelling us forward.

Don’t miss this opportunity to stay informed and inspired