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Orphan Sponsorship

Your $95 monthly gift ($1,140/year) will improve every aspect of a child’s life.

Orphaned children are more likely to live in extreme poverty, suffer from malnutrition, miss school, and lack healthcare and other essential services. This is the case especially when everyone around them is suffering from an ongoing conflict and displacement.

Our Orphan Sponsorship Program provides a comprehensive package of services to orphans, including education, school supplies, transportation to/from school, nutritious meals, clothing, psychosocial support, healthcare, and more.

When you sponsor an orphan, you are bringing them out of danger and placing them in a safe environment, preventing them from dropping out of school and giving them a fair chance at building a prosperous and meaningful life.

Your $95 monthly will cover the following:

  • Orphan’s education cost.
  • Clothing for students: uniform and winter clothing.
  • Health screening and needed medical follow up.
  • Meals, one or two meals per day (depends on school hours)
  • Transportation to/from school.
  • Textbooks, stationery, and backpacks for students.
  • Stipend to cover housing needs for orphans’ caretaker ($30)
  • Specialized caseworker to provide follow up home visits and psychosocial support services.

Your life-changing gift will improve every aspect of a child’s life by lifting them out of deprivation and giving them access to opportunities that will help them build a promising life for themselves.

A child doesn’t choose to be an orphan. But you can choose to give them hope.



This webinar aims to shed light on the transformative efforts underway to support and empower communities in northern Syria. From educational initiatives to economic empowerment, learn about the impactful work being done with your support, and how you can still contribute to change lives and nurture futures.

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We are thrilled to invite you to an exclusive webinar with our President, Ghassan Hitto, to provide a detailed look into Syrian Forum’s remarkable achievements, ongoing endeavors, and the strategic vision propelling us forward.

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